Your System Supplier

HSM® supports your supply chain process

Until now you needed to find a separate supplier, service provider or (product) contact for each step in your supply chain.

When you cooperate with HSM® as a system supplier you receive a wide range of materials in the form and dimensions you require – all from one single source.

HSM® means to you:

‘Carefree Solutions’ for your steel and metal needs

We are your system supplier for the complete supply chain!

How can we support you?

Our service team is there for you. Contact us: 

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+49 9172 6900 69 +49 9172 6900 20


HSM® - New impulses for your supply chain

We support your processes along the entire value added chain through our customised carefree solutions. Profit from our tailor-made products for semi-finished goods, prefabricated parts and special materials.