Common Guiding Principles

The decision to work for the company HSM means to carry co-responsibility and to help form the proceedings in the company actively at once.

Our Vision

Our customers do not have any problems with the purchase of steel, metal and other high-performance materials.

This is our vision and thereon we align our daily actions.

Our Mission

  • We are your purchase! - Functioning as the extended arm of purchase of our customers we manage to solve even tough purchasing problems.
  • We are your stock! - We undertake storage, financing and organization of various materials warehousing to guarantee our customers highest availability with little effort. Thanks to our network we have independent, quick and flexible access to several materials, forms and sizes.
  • We are your machine! - We support our customers as extended work bench both with simple processing and with complex finished parts.
  • We are your logistics! - Weather it is airfreight, special freight, urgent deliveries or courier carriage, we take the material for our customers at the correct time to the correct place.
  • We are your steel specialist! - Steel is not only our profession, it is also our hobby. We acquired wide and specific expert knowledge and market knowledge - everything for the benefit of our customers.
  • We are your contact person! - To provide our customers service at its best you have a solid contact person who cares about all of your requirements.
  • We are your problem solver! - Because we still work where most of our competitors already give in. The complexity and the demands vary, therefore we attend to the requirements of our customers and take it as our duty to accomplish them at the best and support our customers.

Variety – Know-How - Quality

“We work in the interests of our customers, managing everything from the procurement of raw materials to more complex needs. We can offer you a total concept consisting of planning, procurement, certification, performance, monitoring, quality assurance and financing – all from a single source.” (Jörg Hofmann, CEO)

Our good contacts mean we are in a position to supply almost any steel, titanium and nickel grade. Thanks to our network, we are able to cause to produce and have available in stock grades compliant with Euronorm, ASME and other international regulations.

Our logistics model allows us to implement a global dispatch service by truck, sea and airfreight incl. customs clearance and insurance.