Quality management

Why you can trust in HSM®

Quality is not just a buzzword for HSM®. We LIVE quality! With our quality standards, we have been convincing our customers for many years. In addition to quality, reliability is our top priority. This is reflected in close and long-standing customer relationships. 


The successful adoption of a Quality Management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 confirms that we are improving our work continuously regarding international businesses and future competitions.

Since 2017 HSM® is additionally certified with the internationally valid quality certification EN 9120: 2016 (Aerospace). Futhermore we are certified to nuclear standard KTA 1401 (nuclear energy).

Quality certification:


Financial Power

Bisnode Credit Check: Six times in a row as part of the annual Bisnode credit check we are awarded with the rating index 1 – top rating. (The certificate will no longer be issued)

  • Bisnode Credit Check

Rating-Zertifikat Sparkasse: Since 2013 HSM® has been rated with top grade 1 after the DSGV-Standard-Rating. In 2019 the Rating-Note is 1 (A+).

  • HSM Rating-Zertifikat Sparkasse

Rating-Report der Commerzbank: 2022 - Commerzbank Ratingklasse 1.6 (AA)
Current Rating-Report


Code of Conduct

The business policy of HSM® requires to behavioral principles and generally applicable minimum standards which this Code of Conduct describes.

  • HSM® Code of Conduct