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Simple communication – in any cases

Your benefit: your personal contact

Do you know this situation?

You have to get to know a new contact person any time you are talking to a different department or about a different delivery form and you have to explain yourself from the beginning every time? This is time consuming and costs your nerves.

This is why you always have a fix contact person at HSM®. Compared to larger companies or even groups you are communicating with your personal contact at HSM® about any product and service – whether about procurement, processing or transport. This simplifies communication.

We would like to develop a long-lasting partnership because the more purchaser and supplier know about each other, the more efficient is their business relation.


Automatic processes – your timesaver

This direct contact to just one HSM® expert is so easy for us as all parts of the company are connected internally so that anybody has access to any process.

HSM® is working in a paperless office which means that all processes are saved digitally in the software “ELO Digital Office” so that we can for example forward tasks automatically to different departments and create and archive standardized and transparent offers as well as orders. If your personal contact is out of office when you call, a colleague has access to your orders with one simple click and is able to help you quickly.

We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you – in this very digitalised world. This is how we can concentrate individually on your challenges and together find a suitable solution.

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