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Express Solutions for your logistics

HSM® is your reliable partner for urgent deliveries

  • You need a very urgent delivery of your parts at the last minute?
  • Material needs to be delivered before machines are stopped in your or your customers production?
  • Some special parts need to be delivered to one of your international production sites reliably and quickly?


HSM® supports you even with tricky challenges

  • We organize especially urgent deliveries and express deliveries all around the world directly to your production site.
  • We make sure that especially urgent deliveries arrive on time at the designated place.
  • We support our customers – whether via air freight, special freight or express delivery
  • It doesn’t matter whether specially treated and tested parts for an inspection of a power plant or especially important parts for your project abroad.

It is our aim to help before machines come to a stop!

It is also possible to deliver via special solutions in Europe within 24h!


Special deliveries of special dimensions

HSM® ships your ordered material even if it is material with excess with or length. We have a long lasting experience with those kinds of special dimensions.

We can cover a various number of different transport sectors by our perfect network:

  • Up to 19,5 m length
  • Up to 3 m width
  • Heavy loads

If requested we organize, of course, individual licences to organize a transport up to the maximum loading lengths and width quickly.

Sie haben ein Problem? Wir die Express-Lösung!
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Our hotline for international customers:
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