Individual packaging and special labelling

Various possibilities to optimize your incoming goods

HSM® packs, bundles and marks /labels your products according to your requirements to facilitate the process in your warehouse. We are pleased to search for possibilities together with our customers to simplify their incoming goods as well as processing of materials. Below you can find some examples of ideas we have been implicated successfully with our customers:

  • Individual packaging (e.g. coloured cartons)
  • Barcode-systems
  • Label placing
  • RFID-tagging
  • Laser engraving

This very individual labelling can also be realized with your own serial codes or part numbers.

A quick and automized data collection simplifies the material and inventory management. Your employees in incoming goods will be relieved by simple allocation and accurate registration. This very transparent process saves time so that your material can be used quickly.


More time for intensive quality testing

Simplifying the registration of your order in your system gives you more time for the more intensive material testing. Depending on the labelling of the material there might be no need for identity verification or quantity check so that your team can focus on quality checks.