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Organisation of all logistical tasks

HSM® takes over all logistical challenges, also internationally

Due to growing international impacts logistics is getting more and more complex. We take over the complete procurement from abroad and make sure that your order is delivered at your destination on time.

Our perfectly trained team in logistics department also organizes import and export from Asia, America or BRIC-States so that you can most easily and efficiently benefit from these interesting sources.

Many restrictions and regulations complicate import and export process:

  • Varying exchange rates
  • National regulations
  • Customs regulations
  • Country-specific varieties and regulations concerning packaging
  • Lack of experience of logistical network in the specific area

We take over these time intensive logistics tasks.


We organize a continuous supply chain

As a system supplier our service a quick procurement of material as well as individual processing and production of your products.

During the complete process every partial delivery needs be planned accordingly. HSM® takes over:

  • Delivery from producer to processing partner
  • Any delivery in between different processing partners
  • Delivery to your production site, just-in-time deliveries as well

We lighten your supply chain by taking over of all steps from procurement up to final delivery so you can save valuable resources which then can be used efficiently in different projects.

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