Mechanical Processing

& Preparatory Work

This is our range of machining options:

  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling up to 5 axles
  • CNC milling/boring machines
  • CNC boring mills
  • Internal round, flat, profile and centerless grinding
  • Honing, clearing, slotting and grooving
  • Boring, sawing and balancing
  • Deep hole boring up to max. 12,000mm
  • MAG, MIG and laser welding
  • Spark and wire erosion
  • Laser, plasma, water jet and flame cutting
  • CNC sheet processing and CNC pipe bending
  • Gearing technology
  • Thread rolling


Even with large diameters, we can supply you with individual pre-cut parts of optimally prepared material for your production.

  • Flame-cut parts
    Flame-cutting robot systems perform oblique and vertical cuts with cut depths of up to 600mm. Unlike conventional coordinate flame-cutting systems, the cutting of corner transitions and continuous bevel angle changes for overcuts and undercuts is possible using robot-based systems. And this for lengths of up to 15m. There is no need for post-processing due to the smooth and precise burner control.
  • Laser and plasma cutting
    We can process materials of all kinds of strengths for you with CNC-controlled laser and plasma cutting systems. Laser-cut parts are usually ready for your direct assembly. Together with all kinds of sheet metal processing methods, even difficult edge cuts can be produced and processed further.


Besides all the different kinds of cutting options, your parts can also be edged or bent in order that you get everything from the one source.

  • Tube bending from ø 3 to ø 130 mm plus more processing options!

You get all kinds of processing, manufactured on the latest CNC tube bending machines, ready for installation according to sample or drawing! Even for more complex transformations, we are your partner.

But that's not all! The matching bonding techniques we also have in the program! Weather end forming, threading or different welding works, we help user-specific up to surface finishing.

  • All types of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, special alloy, titanium,...).
  • A wide variety of shapes (round, oval, profile tubes, rectangular tubes, ....)
  • Bending on multiple levels (even complex parts up to six bending levels)
  • Different radii on a component


The processing of parts with a unit weight of up to 75kg and 500m in diameter are as standard as turning work on parts with a unit weight of 3,000kg, 5,000mm in length and 2,000mm in diameter is a speciality.

Milling and boring

We carry out all milling and boring work, whether in the production of one-off pieces or mass batches, so that your parts are contoured. We can handle your orders cost-effectively and quickly.

Deep boring

Deep boring is one of our processing specialities. You can obtain standard borings of 10 to 1350mm in diameter and up to 20,000mm in depth from us, bored on one or both sides.


Openings that cannot be achieved through boring or milling or whose edges will not become sharp through milling can be eroded for you. If you would like to process hardened parts, we can also help you here with erosion.


Well-trained welding specialists whose abilities to perform specific welding jobs and processes have been certified form the basis for the production of all kinds of weldments of exceptional quality.

The assemblies are mainly produced according to a customer drawing. We would be pleased to assist you in the design phase