Processing of high-performance metals

HSM® will also take on complex processing steps

We will procure the semi-finished product and process it according to your requirements. HSM offers you the complete range from simple processing steps up to complex finished parts. Thanks to modern machinery and long-standing experience we’re not only able to process steel but also any other kind of metal and high-performance metals:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Pushing
  • … etc.

Of course, we’re also experts on grades that are difficult to machine or complex finished parts. High-performance and particularly resistant materials are more and more replacing the traditionally used grades, for example:

These materials – as described in their names – reach top performance levels. However, sometimes their use can cause difficulties concerning e.g. with processing of parts. Many manufacturers have difficulties with the mechanical processing – especially with chipping.

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You are looking for a quick and reliable partner in processing titanium? You found it!

Alongside with procurement of titanium as a semi-finished product, we also will organize processing and reworking as well as any required material tests of this high-performance material.

HSM processes any grade and any delivery form – whether bars, rolled wires, forged parts or castings. All products will be produced carefully and with latest technology as well as quickly and flexibly. Of course, we would be happy to support you with prototyping or individual sampling.                                                                                                                                                           


We have the following possibilities of processing titanium or other materials that are difficult to machine:

Milling Peeling Lapping Annealing
Rolling Stamping Deep drawing Wire-cutting EDM
Grinding Sawing straighten Crimping
Coating (by laser) Cutting (laser, free form) Forging Turning

Experts on processing

Receiving a high-quality product after processing requires great know-how concerning the material and machinery – for example: due to the low thermal conductivity of some materials cutting speed has to be reduced or material needs to be cooled intensively while being processed.

A concept is necessary for processing depending on each material. We can give you the best solution for the complete process thanks to our long-lasting experience with these hard-to-machine materials like titanium, alloys, tantalum, etc. and a great network of qualified processors. This safes your time as you won’t have any additional effort.


Quality for any sector

Titanium, nickel based alloys, highly heat resistant steels or other special grade like zirconium are used in many different sectors. Due to the higher demands of the different applications these materials are more and more used especially in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Power plant construction, turbine construction
  • Medical sector
  • High-performance components in the automotive sector

Working with these materials for many years made it essential not only to have the know-how but also special quality certifications concerning in these sectors. further information >>