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Production capacities

Fast, flexible and reliable for your production

A defect machine or a wrongly produced part can cause significant problem in your daily business. To avoid any delays in your downstream processes you have to provide a replacement promptly. We always provide free production capacities on short term. You have a problem with a defect machine part or material that needs to be produced according to a drawing quickly?

HSM® will immediately take over to arrange procurement and prompt treatment and will even organize an express delivery to your production or facility.

Production parts available anywhere and anytime

We will deliver your precisely produced parts to your machine, construction site or any other plants – worldwide. Furthermore, we offer different kinds of possibilities of stocking finished parts to ensure your security of supply:

  • Call of orders
  • Frame orders
  • Consignment stock

We make sure you have access to the required parts on-site or within a short time anytime you need them.

High availability combined with a low stock level will not only reduce your capital commitment but also administration and dispatching expenses. The flexible access options of HSM will reduce your workload and therefore save resources of time and personnel.

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