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Samples / Prototyping

HSM® supports you with the procurement of individual samples

We also produce your individual product form or drawing part out of steel, metal, high-performance material or plastics as a sample or prototype. For us it doesn’t matter whether we’re processing single pieces and small quantities or series quantities and frame orders. Top quality and speed are our highest priority because planning and production phase cannot be continued until your constructor receives the initial sample. Depending on the requirement we will develop tools which are ready for serial production, initial prototypes or samples. To ensure that you can continue with a high-quality product soon, we chose the most efficient process.

We are not only able to use your CAD-files and produce samples in rapid prototyping process but also support you during any other step during development.


Your advantages within prototypes / small quantities:

  • Highly efficient testing: you will be able to test extensively complex parts in the right material and the right dimensions BEFORE serial production
  • Any problems or flaws can be recognized and fixed by construction team
  • Saving costs by testing phase with small instead of serial quantities


Producing individual parts or several 100 pieces – HSM is your partner in prototyping. We offer a various number of processing steps >>

To produce your sample part individually and precisely we can fall back on a various number of different processing methods beginning with CNC-processing, cutting and welding constructions, broaching, balancing up to more special processing like centerless grinding.


Internal quality checks

High quality is important to us during the complete production process of samples. HSM is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as for the aerospace and military sector (acc. to TÜV certification EN 9120:2010) and in the nuclear sector (acc. to E.ON KTA 1401).

Furthermore, our partners are constantly testing the material quality and prove their high-quality standard with special test reports.

To ensure the correct documentation of the material quality for your quality management you will receive a test certificate 3.1 or 3.2 or any other special material testing. 

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