HSM® is your purchase

We act as your extended arm concerning purchasing

Purchasing is a tough job: elevated requirements on materials and increasing time pressure as well as more and more obscure procurement possibilities. HSM acts as your extend arm in purchasing. We find a solution to any complicated and time-consuming procurement process and keep going when others already give up.

We meet your requirements - anything (titanium, alloys or other high-performance materials) at anytime and anywhere. Thanks to our great network of various steel mills, producers and processing partners we are able to supply the required material complete according to your wishes.

Typical problems in purchasing and procurement

We approach each task individually and find an appropriate solution which is compliant to your or your customer’s requirements.

Please find below a few examples of typical problems we are constantly solving for our customers:

  • Who can supply special materials, special dimensions or exceptional delivery forms?
  • How to purchase most efficiently – even worldwide?
  • Who has a direct contact to manufacturers and is therefore able to supply material directly from new production?
  • The material has to be delivered to your plant in Italy as quickly as possible – what is the quickest and easiest way for it?
  • Which regulations do I have to take into account when delivering material to an international plant?
  • Are there any ways to improve my production processes?
  • Where can I get quality tested material reliably?
  • Who can support us if material needs to pass several quality tests or approved by TÜV?
  • Are there any alternative grades to facilitate our production process or save costs? (also e.g. concerning material restrictions by RoHS)


HSM® knows your business

Thanks to a long-lasting experience we can meet individually the requirements of each sector. Each sector has different expectations and requirements but we know how to react to individual requirements and will find a sector-specific solution.

HSM® has been established in the last 25 year in many different sectors:

HSM ist Lieferant für den Anlagenbau

Plant engineering

HSM ist Lieferant für die Antriebstechnik

Driving technology

HSM ist Lieferant für die Automobilbranche

Automotive sector

HSM ist Lieferant für die Chemie & Petrochemie

Chemical &
petrochemical sector

HSM ist Lieferant für die Energietechnik

Energy technology
wind, water, nuclear power

HSM ist Lieferant für Forschung

Research & development

HSM ist Lieferant für die Lebensmitteltechnik

Food technology

HSM ist Lieferant für die Luftfahrt nach EN 9120:2016

Aerospace industry

HSM ist Lieferant für den Maschinenbau

Mechanical engineering

HSM ist zertfifizierter Lieferant für die Raumfahrt

Space technology

HSM ist Lieferant für den Schiffsbau


HSM ist Lieferant für die Branchen: Transformatorenbau, Kraftwerksbau, Turbinenbau

Turbine, power plant,
transformer construction

HSM ist Lieferant für die Umwelttechnik

Environmental technology

HSM ist Lieferant für die Verpackungsindustrie

Packaging technology

HSM ist Lieferant für den Werkzeug- und Formenbau

Tool and mold making