International procurement

Closely linked processes – nationally and internationally

To gain best purchasing conditions it is often necessary to purchase material abroad. However, international procurement often brings hidden challenges like a higher demand of information, coordination of transport, exchange rates or customs. And sometimes you will even come across cultural communication problems.

HSM® accepts this challenge and is your reliable partner in international procurement. We have access to various storages within the EU as well as Asia and America. Our sustainable concept ensures you stability concerning product quality.  Furthermore, our logistics team knows all the modalities concerning customs and import.

However, we only buy where we know the market and where we have a local business partner. This gives us and ensures you with each delivery:

  • Safety in procurement
  • Quick and flexible access
  • Best conditions
  • Best quality

We have methodical processes which are constantly supervised.

You can rely on us as a reliable partner while we supply you quickly and easily with a various number of materials, dimension and delivery forms – even internationally.

Advantages of global sourcing

Everybody is talking about “global sourcing” which includes both advantages and disadvantages. HSM® minimizes the disadvantages maximize the positive aspects of it:

  • Procurement of innovative components from high-technology countries
  • Improving competitive position due to new technology
  • Optimizing procurement by access to stocks all over the world
  • Reduction of costs due to higher competition
  • Quick availability of resources that can hardly be bought nationally