Compliant to regulations KTA 1401

Procurement and supply of semi-finished products for nuclear applications

Your partner for KTA demands

Even though nuclear energy production has been stopped in Germany there are several requirements for maintenance and dismantling:

  • Dismantling of national nuclear power plants
  • Maintenance in nuclear energy
  • Modernisation of international power plants
  • Suppliers of nuclear sector

The requirements for suppliers in this sector are justifiably extremely high but HSM can fulfil exactly those requirements for you – thanks to our certification by VGB-Powertech according to the regulations of KTA 1401. Our processes are based on these strict regulations so that you can rely on our highest standards concerning quality and security.

HSM® is an approved supplier for procurement and supply of materials according to KTA 1401

Send us your inquiry concerning nuclear applications and you will receive a detailed offer compliant to all KTA-regulations within a short time. Give your international colleagues a hint as well and let them know about a new problem solver in this sector.

Security for nuclear energy

Semi-finished products, processing, special packaging, secure delivery – HSM will take over and monitor all these tasks. Alongside with our certification according to the regulations of KTA1401, the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2016 and DIN EN 9120:2018 promise that we will ensure our highest-quality standard for all KTA-orders:

KTA-Experte unterstützt alle Kollegen bei KTA-Bedarfen

KTA experts
& special trained QM

Acc. to required norms
& double certification

HSM übernimmt die Bearbeitung von Halbzeugen, auch im Bereich KTA

Incl. processing
of semi-finished products

KTA Hersteller und KTA Bearbeiter

Cooperation with
KTA-certified producers

Compliance to individual
tolerances and specifications

Die HSM Experten sind umstempelberechtigt

Best traceability due to re-stamping at HSM®

Komplett digitaler Prozessablauf für alle KTA-Aufträge

Digital order processing 
according to KTA 1401

Compliance to any
material test sheet

Any deliverform
& dimension

Your system supplier for all demands

Your company works for or with nuclear installations or you are a supplier in this sector? We are your perfect partner. Not only are we certified by the corresponding regulations KTA1401, these regulations are also integrated in our processes. We will support you along the complete supply chain of your demands with our carefree-packages and be a long-standing partner for you.

Fragen Sie uns mit Ihrem konkreten Bedarf an und sparen Sie sich die zeitintensiven Aufgaben.

Send us your specific demand and hand over these time intensive tasks.


Comprehensive delivery programme concerning KTA 1401


  • Longitudinal welded
  • Seamless
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Boiler tubes
  • Cylinder tubes
  • Thick-walled tubes
  • HD-tubes
  • Low temperature tubes


Additional delivery forms:

  • Sheets
  • Strips
  • Fittings
  • Forgings
  • Bars
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Elbows

Materials – especially for nuclear applications

Our product range covers all your requirements. Especially rare and exceptional grades are within our area of expertise. Working in the KTA sector we are of course cooperating with KTA approved producers only. This is our way to secure highest quality along the complete supply chain.

Use our material finder to find the suitable grade for your requirement.

Delivery forms & dimensions

You will receive semi-finished products from HSM® in high-temperature, heat and corrosion resistant grades. We will always consider your special requirements and will deliver you any delivery form in accordance to any material test sheets. Furthermore, we are specialist in specific dimensions so that we can supply you an individual solution to all your demands. There are no limits for us and we procure anything that can be produced.



You are looking for a suitable partner for drawing parts or a processor for special semi-finished products? We will also take over these services and will deliver you your individual product. Our long-lasting partners are also certified according to KTA 1401 and are regularly audited by our own quality management as well as by an external third-party like VGB-Powertech.

Quality certifications

Quality is a continuous process which our quality management as well as all the other departments are constantly working on. Only if highest quality is everybody’s priority you are able to ensure it. This is the reason why we introduced the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2004. During the last few years we have been re-certified successfully and also gained further certifications:

The certification according to KTA 1401 is very special to us as a supplier as the regulations and requirements that need to be fulfilled in a KTA-process are extraordinary strict. We have been certified regularly since 2014 – most recently by VGB-Powertech.


This certification shows the importance of quality and safety to us:

  • IAEA GS-R-3
  • NQA1
  • RCC-M

Do you have any questions or demands?

Send us your inquiry directly or give us a call.

Qualitätsmanagementsystem bei HSM ist bestätigt durch den TÜV
Regelmäßige Zertifizierungen bestätigen die Qualität von HSM
Luftfahrtbranche kann auf strenge Qualitätseinhaltung bei HSM vertrauen!