Supplier EN 9120:2016

HSM® is your supplier for aerospace

We are your trusted supplier particular for aerospace and defense industry. As certified supplier for aerospace OEMs, we fulfill the highest quality requirements. In addition, we are audited by large companies just like Siemens or Bosch.


Wide delivery program:

Our vocation: high performance materials - that is why our product range covers any steel and non-ferrous alloys in all delivery forms, you need for your production.

Delivery program contains:

All dimensions and delivery forms:

Through years of experience in the aerospace industry we know the special dimensions and delivery forms accurate. HSM® has no limits: we deliver everything what is manufactural.

Production according to customer drawings:

You are looking for a partner who handles quickly and accurately the manufacturing according drawing or prefabrication of semifinished products?

We are your Partner also for this service. The experts of HSM® engineering team take care of your request.

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