HSM® is your stock

Quick access to various materials, dimensions and delivery forms

We supply you quickly and flexibly with the material you need. Various (special) grades, exceptional dimensions and delivery forms – HSM® also supplies rare demands on short-term!

Optimize your material management by the our carefree-packages:

Individual material organization

As your system supplier we would like to support you alongside your complete supply chain and offer optimisation possibilities where necessary. That is why we organize individually the storage of customers’ material.

To ensure constant supply security we stock your material professionally also over a longer period of time. You always have immediate access when necessary and therefore be able to cover repeating demands more quickly.

We are offering various possibilities of outsourcing stock such as consignment stocks and frame orders. These possibilities give you the advantages of short distances, low capital commitment combined with a super-fast access to your material when needed.

Another advantage of our storage possibilities is pre-financing of your material by HSM® so that you don’t have to pay material before use. HSM stocks any demand professionally – if pre-material or finished drawing part - if for one, two or three years.