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Consignment stock at HSM®

Best material availability combined with low stock levels

Establishing a consignment stock at or near your production plant secures you supply security due to short distances and super-fast access to your material. You benefit in several ways:

  • Reduce your capital commitment :
    You won’t pay your material until called off so you reduce your current assets and use the consignment stock as a way of financial funding.
  • Reduce your administrations effort :
    Due to fix delivery intervals (weekly, monthly, …) and therefore a simplified invoicing process.
  • Reduce storage administrations:
    Depending on the kind of consignment stock your expenses on time and personnel can be reduced significantly
  • Reduce your costs for disposition:
    Your material is available any time thanks to provision in consignment stock
  • Reduce risks and expenses on quality management:
    Simplify your incoming inspection as material is already quality tested and always available in your consignment stock

Especially for variable demands using a consignment stock is a great advantage as you always have an agreed quantity of indispensable material.

HSM® is already keeping consignment stocks for many customers – you can also benefit of this opportunity. We find the best solution for you discussing all possibilities.


Connected via Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

If required we can supply you with follow-up deliveries by connecting your ERP- our warehouse system. However, you define rules and limits. Whenever there is material or replacement part missing in your production a call off be sent to us and we supply you with the required material from your consignment stock.

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