Dimensions and delivery forms

HSM® procure everything that is possible

We are specialized in exceptional demands and procure effectively all delivery forms in various materials, grades, dimensions and cuts.

We supply you trouble-free with the most variety of delivery forms so that you can react individually and quickly to different applications. We make everything possible for you – as long as it is possible!

That is why we don’t show a list of possible dimensions here. We don’t know any limits – whether extremely small or big, smallest diameter or exceptional length – you get a solution as long as we find a machine that can produce the required material.

So that your production can keep running or set off our team at HSM® tries to find the perfect solution for you. Our focus is supply security even with most difficult delivery forms, grades or dimensions.

  • Pipes and pipe accessories (flanges, elbows, fittings, …)
  • Welded pipes and seamless pipes, square pipes and capillary pipes
  • Bars (round, square, hexagonal, flat, hollow bars, …)
  • Bare, rolled, forged
  • Sheets & plates
  • Profiles
  • Ankles
  • Special forms
  • Wires
  • Round plate
  • Rings
  • Shafts
  • Free-form forgings
  • Cuts
  • Powder (like metal powder)
  • Drawing parts

Satisfy your needs:

You save your valuable time working with HSM® as your supplier for steel, metal and high-performance metals: we take over procurement, processing, testing and all the other services concerning your finished part.

Send us your inquiry via email incl. PDF or CAD-drawing or use our inquiry form. Just name dimensions, delivery form, material and specifications and we do the rest for you -> all around carefree solutions!