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Extension of management board

Since the foundation in 1993, Xaver Hofmann – as owner and managing director – has been leading the company HSM® from the very beginning. At the beginning of 2016 a new generation was added when Jörg Hofmann was introduced into the management board.

At 01st February 2021 we were happy to welcome a new third member in the management of HSM®. Jörg Satzinger who has 15 years of experience in strategic purchasing and management will now reinforce the management team of Xaver and Jörg Hofmann.

Spreading management responsibilities around three people shall reinforce the sustainability and knowledge base within the company as well as create new capacities for creative growth and innovation.

Jörg Satzinger brings a longstanding experience in global and strategic purchasing as well as process-oriented and integrated ideas and solutions to the management board. Due to his extensive market knowledge he is especially well able to evaluate the market’s requirements and changes and therefore give relevant suggestions and impulses for a development of the brand HSM®.

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