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Jörg Hofmann brings new ideas from Silicon Valley

... from his trip to California

His conclusion: Digital progress, courage to innovation and a healthy team spirit are the pillars of success.

The spirit of Silicon Valley is transferable. You can immediately notice this on Mr. Jörg Hofmann, after he returned from his seven day trip, where he was able to experience different companies and projects. He was also able to take a look into the way of thinking and operating within Silicon Valley. Especially the team spirit, as well as the visionary mentality of the companies and it´s employees, will be remembered positively.

A positive remembrance will be the „error culture“ in Silicon Valley. Instead of contemplating what caused the error, they are trying to ensure improvement in the future. That’s why a few companies elect the „error of the month“ in order to motivate their employees to remain creative amidst the everyday rut. „That is extremely impressive“, says Jörg Hofmann and considers, how his company HSM Stahl- und Metallhandel GmbH could adopt a part of the innovative spirit.

The leading companies in Silicon Valley are shaped by the valley being the source of the digital economic change, but also by the corporate strategies and the human resources policies. „The influence of a mutual mission statement is an major topic at HSM. After this journey, I will continue to move it forward even further“, says Jörg Hofmann. An attractive mission statement is crucial for every company. It is necessary, so the best participants can be aware of the company in the first place and perceive the company as an attractive employer. Otherwise skilled employees will work for the competitor.

Jörg Hofmann was considering the journey for a long time. „I can only recommend it, because you can take away an incredible amount of experience and impressions. Furthermore, the organization, selection of companies and accommodation were outstanding.“ he finally concludes and now also shares his experiences with his employees.

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