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Complex material search when building prototypes

Every industry has different requirements. In order to react individually and to find solutions, not only great expertise is required.


There are days when you are faced with seemingly unsolvable challenges. Once again you request your materials from various suppliers and no one will provide you with them in the desired quality requirements and dimensions.

Sometimes being a purchaser is not easy.

How you can solve your procurement problem with HSM® as a partner and thereby save valuable time, we show you with the following "Best Practice" of our daily work.

Our customer: A company for precision technology
Core competence in the production of prototype and pre-series components

Today he has an inquiry from a major automobile manufacturer on the table. The manufacturer requests high-precision components for the construction of a prototype sports car. It is immediately clear to the purchaser that he needs materials with special requirements and standards for the production process. Quality steels, high-alloy engineering steels or high-performance materials such as titanium are mostly in demand for the manufacture of engine and chassis components as well as steering parts.

In series production, the automobile manufacturer uses tried and tested materials, which our customers can usually obtain without problems due to the larger quantities. This is different with this special one-off production. The construction of these prototypes is only planned in small series. The previously processed standard materials for the finished parts are therefore required in smaller quantities, for which he cannot find a delivery option. And so the purchaser is faced with his first problem.

"How do I find a suitable alternative that is also available?"

In our case, it needs a material with a particularly high performance, as is also used in the aviation industry. High tensile strength and hardness therefore play an important role. So the purchaser starts looking for an alternative material in the hope of finding a delivery option for it. According to the steel key and in consultation with the construction, the alloyed heat-treated steel 1.5815 - 35NiCr6 is suitable.

The purchaser searches Google again, like you probably do too - unsuccessful. After a few phone calls, there is no delivery option for the desired number in sight. When he describes the procurement problem to HSM®, Tanja Tütken, Sales Manager at HSM®, has to agree: Even this material is not so easy to procure in large quantities.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  • The desired quality is not available in the dimensions: Round Ø 90 mm - commercial length 3m
  • Special quality requirements e.g. B. Tempering and hardenability are a problem

There is no such thing as impossible at HSM®.

The purchaser knows us as a material supplier, but we are also individual problem solvers. Stubborn tasks in particular are our passion. "We like to look for the purple squirrel", as Ms. Tütken often emphasizes. That is why Ms. Tütken sat down with the component manufacturer's purchaser and analyzed the requirements for the material.

The search for a "feasible" solution resulted in close cooperation between HSM, purchasing and construction. Possible alternative materials were discussed together and ultimately a material was found. The tempered steel 1.6928 - 41SiNiCrMoV7-6 meets the requirements for the components, especially with regard to tensile strength, degree of hardness and toughness. The end customer's development team approved the material, HSM® delivered the material and our customer was finally able to get started.

The quality requirements on the part of HSM® were confirmed by a final inspection certificate 3.1 including documentation.

Extensive material knowledge distinguishes HSM® as your all-round carefree solution partner. Don't bury your head in the sand if you can't find a procurement solution.

Ask HSM®

Together we work out a solution and usually find a suitable alternative.




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