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Inconspicuous, but indispensable

Have you ever taken a closer look at roof constructions? Unless you're in the construction industry, probably not. A look at the sky could really open your minds, because many sensational buildings are typically characterized by a spectacular roof construction and many would not even be possible in this form without the use of metals, mostly steel or aluminum.

               Drawing parts are the challenge

But like in many projects, the obvious is not the problem. In this case it means that the metal supports have not been the biggest challenge. The most important parts required for the overall success of the construction have been very small parts, so called "drawing parts", means mechanical parts manufactured according to a drawing.

These parts are usually special designs and they are as individual as the reason for their production.

For many of our customers, however, drawing parts become an almost unsolvable problem. Requests are often rejected by potential suppliers with "can't be done", "much too complicated" or simply "no production capacity", leaving the customer perplexed and sometimes even desperate.

  With HSM everything is possible

Let our Senior Sales Manager Norbert Nirsberger prove to you with a practical example that we do not only claim to live pioneering spirit.

A globally operating company in the field of building systems needed more than 1000 drawing parts for a spectacular roof construction in Shanghai - each piece different. The explosive aspect: the time pressure. The ship that is supposed to bring the parts to Far East had to leave promptly.

The network is the solution

Your problem solvers at HSM commissioned one machining company as a first step and brought a second one on board promptly due to the time pressure. We then delivered the fabricated parts twice a day via courier to the customer, who took care of the final surface treatment of the individual pieces and then brought them to the port.

I'm sure you can already guess the end of the story: the all-important drawing parts all arrived on time. Shanghai could be enriched with another breathtaking building.

Admittedly, in the current time it would have been impossible to provide the workpieces in such a short period of time. However, our customers benefit from our technical know-how in dealing with drawing parts and the advantage of bundling their small quantities via a partner like HSM®.

picture: Artem Saranin, Pexels



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