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Top Rating 1 Bisnode Credit Check 2016

Recertification for HSM Stahl- und Metallhandel GmbH: For the fifth time in a row as part of the annual Bisnode credit check we are awarded with the rating index 1 – top rating.

The Bisnode credit check, formerly known as Hoppenstedt, audits every year the reliability and the economic stability of German companies. This check is based on severe requirements. 

We are delighted to advise you, that HSM was warded with the Bisnode credit check also in 2016 – this in one of the most important benchmark for creditworthiness and economic power. For you as our partner this means guarantee and reliability for the cooperation with HSM – your steel specialist. In addition to it our employees have a secure job, what increases their motivation.

One important point relating to creditworthiness is sustainability, because this is an evidence for stability and speaks for us as a stable and healthy company. You, as customer and supplier may rely on our best efforts.

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